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What is Rado?

A lot of people have been asking us lately, what exactly is “Rado”, so perhaps it’s time to put an answer to this question. The term “Rado” has no Webster’s definition, but in short, it means to celebrate all things in “The Colorado Lifestyle”; this may include such activities as biking, hiking, rock climbing, drinking delicious beer, or enjoying a rodeo (Did you know the state of Colorado had the first ever rodeo?)! The truth is, “Rado” cannot be associated with just one action or event; however, it is a term to help us express how awesome, epic, or radical something is! As a matter of fact, “Rado” can be used interchangeably with the previously mentioned terms of “coolness” as...

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Little Bear/Blanca Traverse

A fear of heights is not an option on most 14,000 foot peaks you climb in Colorado. However the traverse between Little Bear and Blanca peaks is exposed enough to get anyone’s blood pumping and nerves quaking. We started out driving down the day before from the Vail Valley it took us about 3.5 hours, not including a quick stop to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, to get to road that would lead us to camp and our starting point the next morning. The road called Lake Como or Blanca Rd starts out easy enough with a lot of loose rock that cause the tires to spin and and rocks to kick out behind. We make it...

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Shop Small and Make a Real Difference in Your Community

Hello my fellow Americans! As we come upon the busy shopping season, I want to remind you to think about the great things that come along with the ever anticipated holidays. Think about your friends, your family, and most importantly your community! As we get wrapped up in the holiday craziness, it’s easy for us to forget about the things most important to us. Living in Fort Collins, Colorado has made me extremely proud of the community I live in! I love this town and the state of Colorado…there is just so many great people here, which gives everyone a since of “real” community. I know, I know….Colorado is not the only place like this, but it happens to be...

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