What is Rado?

A lot of people have been asking us lately, what exactly is “Rado”, so perhaps it’s time to put an answer to this question. The term “Rado” has no Webster’s definition, but in short, it means to celebrate all things in “The Colorado Lifestyle”; this may include such activities as biking, hiking, rock climbing, drinking delicious beer, or enjoying a rodeo (Did you know the state of Colorado had the first ever rodeo?)! The truth is, “Rado” cannot be associated with just one action or event; however, it is a term to help us express how awesome, epic, or radical something is! As a matter of fact, “Rado” can be used interchangeably with the previously mentioned terms of “coolness” as long as it pertains to the state of Colorado!

Perhaps it’s best to paint a few visual pictures to help you get the right idea!

Imagine a concert at an outdoor venue (Coloradoans love to be outside) such as The Misawaka or Red Rocks Amphitheater; the majority of the people there will be wearing outdoor gear made by apparel companies such as GoLite, Sierra Designs, Smart Wool, Chaco, and of course That’s So Rado (all Colorado companies by the way)! These previously mentioned people will not be out of the ordinary, other than the fact that they are some of the most caring, gracious and generous people on the planet! They won’t be dancing crazy (well too crazy anyways), but you will be able to tell that they are really feeling and loving the live music. Most of them will also be enjoying a delicious craft brew from one of the many famous breweries, and you will be able to tell that at that very moment, none of them have a care in the world…That in itself is so “Rado!”

Picture yourself waking up early in order to hike one of the many famous 14ers in Colorado! You want to start early as to avoid the afternoon storms. Once again you’ll more than likely encounter some of the many fine people in Colorado, and yes they will be once again wearing outdoor gear and apparel. The encounter with these people will be slightly different; typically you will exchange a friendly hello (friendlier than you would get from most others at 4:00 in the morning) and then be on your merry way. As I mentioned previously, Coloradans love the outdoors and although most of us would give you the shirt off our back, we like to enjoy the outdoors in peace and usually quiet! Upon reaching the summit of your hike, you will meet your fellow hikers who will be greeting you with warm smiles and congratulatory spirits. Once again, some will be enjoying a delicious craft brew as well! This is yet another example of what “Rado” really is!

As I sit here and write/re-read this post, I’m realizing that “Rado” is so much more than a term of “coolness” or word to substitute “epic.” I’m realizing that in order to be “Rado” we have to have those fun-loving, adventurous, yet relaxed people. The real people behind “Rado”, the people who continue to carry on The Colorado Lifestyle are all the people who live here. A person can’t help but adopt the Colorado Lifestyle upon moving to the state. It doesn’t matter if you are a native or a transplant; we all choose to live/visit here because of the lifestyle and experiences we get from Coloradoans! With all that being said…Here’s to you my fellow Coloradoans, thanks for all the amazing experiences past, present, and future, CHEERS!

Here’s a few links to help support Colorado companies and concert venues as I mentioned above, and no I/we don’t get any kick back or rewards for providing these!