The Rado Change

I don’t know why I feel the need to tell this story; probably because it’s my turn to write the blog, and I’ve got a serious case of writers block! Maybe it has something to do with the seasons changing, which reminded me of my very own Colorado change, or perhaps it was me reflecting back over the past few years during one of my training runs. In any case, below is the story on how The Colorado Lifestyle changed me forever!

Just a few short years ago I moved to Fort Collins from San Francisco. I’d never been to Fort Collins, but my girlfriend assured me it was great! At this time I was up for anything; I was working in a very stuffy, corporate atmosphere in SF and decided that life just wasn’t for me. In addition, to the stuffiness I was also about 40 pounds overweight…yikes! I had always wanted to live in Colorado and dreamed of being an avid hiker/backpacker/climber/cyclist etc…basically just your average Mountain Man! During our 26 hour drive I decided that a new place could (and eventually would) mean a new me.

I came in with the ambition to lose some weight and get fit, but what I didn’t realize was how easy it was going to be! Please don’t get me wrong, the exercise aspect was hard, but in Colorado it’s NOT exercise its how people get around. Sure we all have cars, but while driving these cars many of us dream of running the trails or biking the dams! I will say that having this constant enthusiasm hanging over my head was a huge motivator to get out and get fit.

In addition to the Colorado Lifestyle motivating me, I decided not to buy a car, which meant I would have to bike everywhere I went. For two years I biked in rain, sleet, snow, and 100 degree weather, and I LOVED IT! It was invigorating knowing that I could get around town just as quick and easy as any automobile, not to mention the fact that I was burning calories. I’m glad to say that that extra 40 pounds is now gone, and I am one of the fittest I have ever been. I know hike, bike, climb, snowboard and run for fun! These things are some of my greatest joys, and I’m very confident when I say none of this would have happened if I wouldn’t moved to Colorado!

That in itself is So Rado my friends!