Rock the Vote, If you Want, or Don't

I’ve realized in my years on this planet that it’s kind of tough to be a tuned in voter. There are a ton of distractions from the facts on issues and in everyday life that pull me away and seem to give me more reason not to pay attention than give my time and focus to voting. But I feel it’s important, especially on a local level to be involved, particularly if I’m going to have an opinion on issues that I feel strongly about.

Although this time of the year can be exciting it can also a little annoying. Ad campaigns and Ebola are as hot as the swine flu and Michael Jackson back in 2009. Wasn’t there just something about airstrikes in Syria? Hmmm. Whelps, let’s keep this closer to home. The governor’s vote might be interesting and the attorney general seems to have an important position upholding the law.

I’ve got my packet that the county treasurer has sent me that has info on voting. But Ballotpedia seems to be a non-biased fact checking website that does solid job of describing various sides pretty well. Let’s take Prop 105 for example, GMO labeling. Ballotpedia provides arguments for and against as well as a list of supporters, the opposition and financial contributors. Top donors are the Food Democracy Nation ($195,000) and Dr. Bronners Soap ($31,753) for prop 105 and Monsanto ($4,755,278) and General Mills ($820,000) against. You may recognize some local supporters such as New Belgium Brewery, Justin’ Nut Butter, Chipotle Mexican Grill and Berry Patch Farms. Some against are the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, the Western Sugar Cooperation and the Colorado Association of Wheat Growers.

Moving on to my local county ballot I read “continue protecting natural areas etc without increasing taxes etc, ha! OK! An easy one! Some people can make voting easy by simply picking team Donkey or team Elephant while others can have an issue that hits home to them and will support that issue no matter what. I suggest trying to put on your blinders a bit and at least look into parties like Green, Libertarian or unaffiliated; or don’t, your choice my friend.

Election day is Tuesday November 4th. Happy Halloween btw!